Responses – Eating out Alone

Hello everybody!

Just a quick one to say thanks so much for the interaction on the previous post! It would seem that a lot of Single Ladies get quite different reactions when eating out. Some seemed to find their experiences were similar to my post, whereas others never noticed anything out of the ordinary at all.

You can read the post here. There were a lot of comments on Facebook, but below are a selection that I found interesting. Here they come! Names have obviously been kept anonymous.

“I went to eat out alone for a bit, because I wanted to try breakfast places around my town… and it was great because oftentimes I would get seated before a lot of other people waiting! It felt a bit weird to be eating alone, but overall no one bothered me and I could easily ignore weird looks because, most often, I was seated at the bar with my back to everyone.” – K

“I liked your post, and I can see your point, although I must say I have rarely experienced being constantly stared at for being alone. Unless I was blissfully unaware!
I can’t believe the are places that will refuse people coming in by themselves, having worked in a cafe it’s a shit thing to do…I prefer to eat out with people, but that’s cause I spend a lot of time on my own and in my family we have always had our meals together, it’s a very social thing, but not related to a person being in a relationship or not.” – A

“…In general I think it depends on the kind of restaurant, the time of day, the type of meal… Lunch by yourself is pretty much always socially acceptable, but candle-lit dinner by yourself… Doesn’t bother me, but is unusual.” – M

“Thank you for the interesting article! I feel more at ease to go to restaurant in Japan. I see many salarymen and single women in chain restaurants eating alone. When I was in France , they said I shouldn’t eat alone at restaurant except cafes or fastfood restaurants. I was surprised to hear this cause I never felt like this. So I feel Japan is a more easy place to stay single.
Of course it depends which restaurant you go… my Japanese friend says she can go any restaurant alone except Yakiniku.” – M

Thank you everyone for your feedback! It’s interesting to see how eating out alone for a lady on her own can be a different experience depending on a number of factors. If you have had any particular experiences eating out alone as a Single Lady, then I would be delighted to hear them. Do please leave a comment below, and it’d be great to hear how your experience differs or bears similarities to mine.

See you on Tuesday for a new blog post!


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